How can I help?

Reset the stall

Ultimate, and everything that happens around it, matters enormously to those of us whose lives are totally entangled with it (current and retired players alike). And we are facing an uncertain future.

We have launched a fundraising campaign, Reset the stall, with the goal of putting UKU finances back to where they were at the start of Jan 2020. We set an initial target is £20k, but to achieve our goal we need to reach £30k.

Look after your club

Please do invest time and energy into supporting and developing your club. If you want to contact a club you used to play for, we can help connect you. University clubs are likely to need help more than usual this year.

Keep in touch your club mates

Lots of clubs are keeping in touch with online discussions, games and challenges. Beyond the immediate health reasons for staying active and in contact, it's worth considering that without reminders and encouragement, some people may not come back to ultimate once they're out of the habit of playing regularly.

Club development, youth ultimate

This could be a good time to do some long-term planning for the club. Could you set up a youth section when things get back to normal? Download our information pack for clubs from the Safeguarding page on our website.

Links with universities

If you've been meaning to try to build up the link between your club and one or more nearby university clubs, now is the time.

Check your club details are up to date on UKU Membership System

Are your club contact details correct? We will soon have the clubs-map back up on the website, and it's so much more useful if the club data is accurate.

Financial help for UKU

Please see the Financial Update for more information.

Renew your membership

We are a membership organisation, funded by our members. Your membership fees support the work we do all year round. We are adding a retail discount scheme to membership and we'll have more news about this soon.

Make a donation

Right now, we asking for your help with this crowdfunding campaign.

But if you prefer, we do also have some other specific fundraising activities happening in parallel:

Buy UKU discs (£10/disc incl. delivery, min 5 discs)

Will you need more club discs? Or more discs for your personal practice? Thanks to our partnership with Discraft, every disc we sell contributes to our work.

Sponsor UK Ultimate

Whether to advertise to ultimate players, or for other reasons that are important to your business, please contact us if you would like to discuss helping to spread and celebrate magic of Ultimate.

Support local opportunities to play

Probably the number one challenge that we face is the need to create, develop and maintain opportunities for people to play ultimate near where they live without making a substantial commitment in time or money.

  • Beginner-friendly club sessions -> support recruitment

  • Opportunities for young players who try ultimate at school and want to play more

  • Support and space for players who cannot commit to tournament play

This was true before the pandemic, and it's going to be even more important afterwards. You don't necessarily need UKU in order to do something about these things in your area, but we can help with e.g. tools, advice, contacts and insurance.

Directly help UK Ultimate

You can personally help staff and volunteers by doing the following simple things:

  • Sign up to our newsletters to stay up to date

  • Read the Player Info Pack before a tournament

  • Renew your membership every year in September or October

  • Keep your account up to date, including which club(s) you are with

If you are thinking you'd like to volunteer, we almost always have sub-committees with gaps.

We'll be recruiting for the Safeguarding, Youth-Development, Women's and Competition committees in the coming weeks, as well as setting up a new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion committee. Please look out for information.

Please get in touch if you would like to host a Coach Forum

Every year we need people to help run our events. You don't need to take charge of the whole thing! Please watch out for announcements about these roles.